3 Must Try Holiday Breakfast Recipes

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Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day by far! We love experimenting with new recipes using our 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. If you have never incorporated maple syrup in your cooking before you’re missing out. It pairs with almost any baked good, meat, and veggie while adding a sweet and savory flavor. Here are some delouse breakfast recipes that use maple syrup to try this holiday season.  

Maple Cinnamon Rolls 

The perfect recipe to make ahead of time and store in your freezer. Did we mention they can last up to 3 months frozen! A recipe that can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the freezer is a win in my family. This recipe makes 12 large rolls, perfect to bring to brunch with the girls or enjoy on Sunday morning with your children.   

Maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 

Making your own maple sausage can take a simple breakfast sandwich to the next level! Maple sausage paired with a fried egg, American cheese, and a fresh roll is the champion of breakfast sandwiches. The best part of this recipe is the freedom to experiment with various spices and make it your own. We can assure you will not be disappointed by the end result! 

Classic Pancakes with Maple Syrup 

We all know that maple syrup pairs best with classic pancakes! This holiday season, don’t settle for your average pancake mix, try an Artisan Pancake Mix. Gone are the days of thick and heavy pancakes. With Ingrained Baking Co. Artisan Pancake Mix your pancakes will be light and fluffy! We promise you will taste the difference.  

Did we mention our Holiday Cheer gift box has everything you need to make a fantastic breakfast, including Artisan Pancake Mix and our 100% pure Vermont maple syrup? This will make the perfect gift for family members, friends, neighbors, and YOURSELF! It is filled with local artisan products from our shop and features exclusive holiday products. Visit our shop to take a peek at what’s inside!

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