Our Story

Our Mission

To bring our knowledge of the Maple Syrup industry along with the best of Vermont’s products and small town family service to New Jersey while actively supporting our community.

Introduction to Maple

Our family owned and operated maple syrup business, Red Leaf Hollow Farms, started making syrup in 2007 in Jay, Vermont. We started making syrup for fun with 10 buckets and a turkey fryer and have grown from a tiny hobby farm with 100 buckets on trees to a system of pipelines connecting 20,000+ taps to a brand new sugarhouse and selling our syrup all over the world! We continue to grow every day and our newest venture is our store in Chester, New Jersey—The Maple Shop!


The green mountain state is not only the nation’s leading producer of Maple Syrup, it’s a place where family comes first and everyone helps their neighbor. We went to Vermont in 2006 for a weekend trip and didn’t return to New Jersey until 2014!

While living in Vermont, we fell in love with sugar-making and surrounded ourselves with some of the best in the business. We learned everything we could about making Maple Syrup. We started very small and enjoyed learning and working at every level until we became a large producer. If you have 1 tree or 50,000 we can help you become more proficient and make a better final product.

Making Maple Syrup or “sugaring” was originally a way for farmers to supplement their income. Today, it is a multimillion dollar industry. Producing nearly 2 million gallons of syrup in 2017, Vermont generates 47 percent of the country’s maple syrup. Vermonters are proud of their sugar makers and proud of the products they make.

Focus on Quality

We opened The Maple Shop in September 2018. Our store carries all of the knowledge and equipment you need to start making your own maple syrup along with many Vermont products, products produced by Veteran owned companies , products made by local artisans in and around Chester and of course, our very own Vermont Maple Syrup from our farm in Vermont!

Were often asked, what’s the difference between our syrup and maple syrup purchased in stores. The answer is simple. Purchasing maple products directly from the people that make it, ensures the best quality and flavor syrup you can buy. When you buy from big stores, your syrup is coming from a distributor. Distributors get there syrup from a mix of farms which can affect the flavor of the syrup you are eating. But don’t take our word for it. Come in and try a sample of our syrup.