The Sweetest Season: Maple Sugaring

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It is the SWEETest time of year, sugaring season! Since the beginning of the year, our crew at Red Leaf Hollow Farms in Vermont has been hard at work tapping over 22,000 maple trees and preparing for the sugaring season. Sugaring is the process in which we take sap from maple trees and make it into 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. The light, sugary syrup is the perfect natural sweetener to add to your favorite recipes, including classics like pancakes and French toast. Learn how we turn sap into our bestselling 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

Our Maple Sugaring Process

At Red Leaf Hollow Farms, we use a system of pipelines to collect sap. That sap is boiled down in an evaporator at our sugar house until almost all the water evaporates, and we are left with 100% Pure Vermont Maple syrup. After boiling, we continually check the density of our syrup to ensure we’ve, in fact, made our delicious syrup! We then bottle it to sell online or at The Maple Shop in Chester, NJ. Learn more about our process and commitment to pure and quality maple syrup.

New Jersey Sugaring Season

In New Jersey, the sugaring season is generally shorter than in Vermont and usually starts in early February and ends in mid-March. Of course, this is all weather dependent. If you are new to sugaring, the best way to learn is to ask local experts. We have helped countless New Jersey natives start their sugaring journey! When you’re ready to get started, stop into our store to stock up on all the necessary supplies for New Jersey`s maple sugaring season and ask us any questions you may have.  See local maple sugaring events.

Get a Taste

If you have never tried pure maple syrup or Vermont maple products from our store, you are missing out! Celebrate sugaring season with us this month by getting a taste of all our favorite Maple products in our “Sweetest Season” Subscription Box. Order your box today and receive FREE Shipping on all future Maple Shop online orders!

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